Who hires a coach?

Who hires a coach?

Today you can find a coach for anything and everything. Coaches can help people untangle themselves from negative situations and can help people construct and achieve the life and work of their dreams. Coaches can support innovators and creators as they bring a new idea to the world.

At Salt, we have noticed some trends over the years about the kind of clients who want to work with us and who benefit from our style of coaching. Read on and see if you identify with any of these situations.


We work with talented people. Yes, sometimes talented people lack self-confidence or cannot see their brilliance and worth clearly. But overwhelmingly, all of our clients have a growth mindset, have enjoyed some accomplishments, and have a strong pull to make a difference in the world. Have a look at our client testimonials and see if you see yourself in these great people – or if you see one of your dreams for your work and life. You will know you are on the right track.


We work with two opposite situations: 1. People who have never had a coach and 2. people who have enjoyed coaching their whole lives.


In the first category, people who have never worked with a coach, we encounter people who enjoyed achievement and their talents so much that they rose in influence and leadership at work and in life and either found themselves isolated or facing a challenge that comes with new circumstances or positions. You have heard the expression, “It’s lonely at the top,” right? For these clients, it can be hard to seek help or ask for support – they don’t have the practice as they didn’t even know they might need to one day. So, there was usually some kind of trigger that caused them to reach out and begin a coaching adventure. The trigger could be positive or negative – anything from launching a new book or album, getting a huge promotion or being elected, or facing sexism or ageism at work, getting a divorce, or feeling overwhelmed with managing a large team through a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. People in this circumstance appreciate our experience and discretion, as well as the “instant team” feeling we provide our clients. We enter into brainstorming, we listen and provide feedback, we strategize with our clients, and we prepare them to be on camera, present ideas, and create change. We see their vision with them.


As for people who have enjoyed coaching their whole lives, like athletes, well, they already know the benefits of coaching because they have experienced them. They choose us if they are transitioning from one world or industry to another based on our experiences. They choose us because they trust us, and when you trust your coach you can accelerate the work. They work with us because we have different coaching styles, and they want to benefit from working with two different coaches. These clients understand that motivation is an energy in flux, and that we can help them to harness and use it based on their unique personalities and talents.


We also work with project owners, business owners, PhD students, and creatives. We act as midwives for your projects, dreams, creations, books, degrees, impact, and innovations. Midwives? Really? It sounds messy and intense, and it is. Your project is your baby and no one will nurture and care for it like you do. But we can help you, by your side, to make it real and visible. We will nurture the best in you and help you get back on track so many times it becomes your habit. We will remind you to breathe too. Our company is not called Salt by accident. True creators know that this is the stuff of blood, sweat, and tears. The world needs your meaningful work. You have to show up and make it happen – but you don’t have to do it alone.


We work with masters of personal and professional development. Yes, we coach coaches, therapists, psychologists, doctors, humanitarians, and educators. We challenge the tendency for “I’m not good enough”-itis, the sacrifice of your personal wellness, and intellectual bulimia. We teach self-coaching techniques, energy management, boundaries, and then we send people out to make the world a better place and help many more people. Have you overdosed on personal development? Are you at risk of burnout from a caring profession? We have experience in helping people get back on track to heal and lead others with the full power of their inner wisdom and intuition shining brighter than ever before. We will teach you how to guard your inner light.


We are just, not at all, interested in creating dependencies. Our clients have agency, and we encourage them to use it. We admire and believe in them. We believe that you, your dreams, and your work matter and that you need and deserve to work from a base of safety, confidence, and self-respect. We know that if you can add enthusiasm, motivation, and joy to that mix, that you will be unstoppable!

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