Standards and ethics

Standards and ethics

We follow and maintain the ethics and standards of behavior established by the International Coach Federation, (ICF). We recommend that our clients review the ICF Code of Ethics and the applicable standards of behavior.


We provide a contract to clearly define the work agreement when we enter into a coaching relationship with an organization or an individual.


We invite and expect the full participation of our clients, whether working with organizations or individuals, to clearly express their expectations, hopes, and wishes for their coaching process.


We set expectations about processes and results with our clients.


We keep confidential records of our contracts and work with clients. We maintain confidentiality at all times and in public forums. We only ever publicly acknowledge a coaching relationship in response to a client’s choice to publicly define the relationship as such.


We commit to providing the best information, advice, support, and ideation we can, and to continuously improve our knowledge base in order to serve our clients.


We run an anti-sexist, anti-racist, culturally sensitive organization and look to support psychological safety for all stakeholders in all of our professional relationships.


We respect the intellectual property of others and expect all those we work with to respect our intellectual property.


We conduct research with the explicit consent of participants. We carry out surveys with transparency, clearly communicating about who will have access to data provided and how the data will be used or presented in coaching, workshops, and training events.


We expect legal compliance with all laws governing the countries where we work and relevant digital domains.


We seek to avoid conflicts of interest and we communicate rapidly and honestly to find a solution for all concerned stakeholders should a conflict of interest occur.


We share no client information with any third party.


We are willing to collaborate with a client’s personal and professional development team at the request of a client. This includes but is not limited to: HR, Management, Senior Leaders, Sports Coaches, Therapists, Medical Doctors, Physical Trainers, Professors or Advisors for Research Projects or Graduate Degrees, etc.


We provide invoices and receipts to our clients. When a client requests, we provide information for our clients’ employers or insurance companies.

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