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Story Share, Coaching, and Mindfulness

Seetha Chinnappa-Sarwal is a Mindfulness Expert who was present at our recent Story Share Event on Depression as a Facilitator in two Story Circles. In this video she and Michelle Guiliano discuss the principles of Mindfulness, how they overlap in Circle practices, and the need for peer story sharing. 

Small Group Coaching Lab - Your Personal Brand

Have you wondered what it would be like to have focused energy and attention on a problem or challenge you are facing – and to have solution-finding power in less than half a day? Do you think you would benefit from coaching but feel you “can’t afford it”? Join Coach Michelle Guiliano and Author Denise Nickerson for an intense, incredible, impactful, intentional 2 hours all about YOU, your project, your business, your job search, or your search for a more meaningful and impactful life. Small group coaching is a way to test-drive a coach, to gain momentum from instant accountability partners, and to get feedback on a quick pitch.

Poise Presence Power Communications from the Heart

May 2020 – Denise Nickerson was invited to deliver a talk for the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) Zurich. Questions have been removed at the end to respect the privacy of participants who preferred to share and engage over an unrecorded connection.

Feedback is a Force

Would you like to feel better giving, receiving, asking for, and following up feedback? Studies show that conversations concerning feedback are among the most difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable conversations to have. Yet, most of us know that getting “Fair, Focused, and Frequent Feedback” is how we erode fear and turn Feedback into a Force propelling ourselves and our teams forward. 

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The Integrity System

You will learn how to feel better about your past investment in personal and professional development as well as how to extract more value from any training and coaching you have already received.

You will also get a taste of using The Integrity System, which is now available online.

ROI for your past Training Program Investments

Learn how to extract value from your past personal development work, how to feel better about your past investment in personal and professional development, as well as how to extract more value from any training and coaching you have already received.


Company videos

Presence & Meaningful Networking - Salt Ready to Rise Events - Winterthur 2020

An overview of the extraordinary event held in January 2020 hosted by Salt Consulting & Communications and featuring Women Rock Switzerland business owners, service providers, creatives, and professionals from all over the world.

Women in AI Switzerland - Marisa Tschopp interviewed by Denise Nickerson

Denise Nickerson met the dynamic and inspiring Marisa Tschopp, the new head of Women in AI for Switzerland. Join WAI if you are interested in a career in Artificial Intelligence, or in supporting women in tech – it’s a global network for knowledge sharing and career building that is growing every day!

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TED Talks

Rowing through crisis with your team

Michelle Guiliano is an expert at recruiting and strengthening teams. She will give you strategies and tools to build a tailor-made team for a specific purpose, trauma or crisis in your life. Principles that apply to sports and team-building in that arena can certainly be valid tools to develop a similar approach to crisis and challenges in real life issues. Strategic teaming – its methods and critical success factors – will be shared as well as tailor-made tactics to recruit and activate an effective team. Michelle Giuliano is a rower, a former NCAA athlete and ivy league coach, a top 1% ranked executive search professional, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a master coach. She has competed in the Lac Leman rowing race in Geneva 5 times. 

Radical Inclusion to Humanize Digital Spaces

Denise Nickerson is a Fulbright Scholar, Author, and Community Leader. She is an education expert and has been a speaker in 300+ universities and schools in over 30 countries. She is the co-founder of Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd. and the co-author of The Integrity System, an online training program that teaches self-coaching & decision-making. She’s passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and believes fiercely in the need for a sustainable economy and the practical application of feminism to benefit humankind and the planet. 

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The Coaching Podcast

Your hosts Emma Doyle and Simon Blair interview expert coaches from around the world and then when their schedules permit, they discuss the differences and parallels between coaching in sport and business. Each show starts with a pre-recorded interview with either a sports or business coach. Emma and Simon or a special guest coach then discuss the themes and insights raised from the interview, providing practical insights for coaches and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success.

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