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Would you like to be more responsive and feel less reactive? Mindfulness can help!

Depression, anxiety, and high levels of stress are reaching an all-time high according to baseline medical surveys in the US, and even Germany made the top ten list for countries with the highest rates of emotional and mental disorders…

We All Need Variety at Work

World-renowned speaker, writer, and coach Tony Robbins explains the six human needs acting as a driving force behind what we do and how we live our lives. What seems at first glance like a simple list of needs is actually a powerful and useful tool that can help us understand the complexity of human behavior, even when it seems illogical…

7 Reasons Why Thinking People Get a Career Coach

Geneva, Switzerland has a high concentration of geniuses. It’s the Peace Capital of the world, consistently ranked as a top-ten city for financial services, hosts more international organizations than any city on earth, is home to CERN, and has about 500 NGOs staffed with achievers working hard to change the world for the better…

Abby Wambach : One of the Greatest Football Players of All Time

December 2015 was the month Abby Wambach retired from playing professional soccer, what I call football. I read some articles about her by her teammates, here and there. I thought she must be an extraordinary woman…

Follow These 5 Steps to Leverage Your Network for New Opportunities

Whether your organization is experiencing change, reorganization or whether you’ve been downsized, fired or are simply sitting too comfortably at the top of your game, knowing how to cleverly leverage your network is the best way to uncover new career opportunities and keep pulse with your community at the same time…

Inviting Speakers to Your Event

Leading minds, Influencers, Innovators, Educators, Authors — today’s most sought-out public speakers put themselves and their careers on the line every time they take the stage. Their presentations are compared against the titans of public speaking and those professionally trained and selected to give a TED Talk — as are your events! 

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