Brandy Butler

Brandy Butler was originally born and raised in Reading, Pennslyvania. In 2003, on a whim, she decided to take a break from music and life in Philadelphia. She found a job in Switzerland as an au-pair for a family outside of Zürich in a small village called Bonstetton. Within months of her move to Switzerland, she began to work for big names such as The Dankners, Seven. Paulo Mendoza, Rolf Stalhofen and many more as a background singer. After landing a spot in 2004 on Florin Ast’s “Astrein” Tour, she decided to continue her music pursuits in Switzerland.

​Since then she has made appearances with almost every major Swiss Artist including Sophie Hunger, Erika Stucky, Sina, Stress, Steff La Cheffe, Phenomden, to name a few.

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In Brandy’s own words

Almost one year ago exactly, I had a full on coaching session with Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson. I am an endlessly creative self starter, but I was feeling lost. I was caught up on this idea of waiting for someone to appear in my life to make bigger, more meaningful magic to happen.
In a process of 10 hours, Denise and Michelle helped me to face so many of my internalized fears: doing it alone, pushing myself to be more than I already am, needing someone to help me find my full potential.
The session ended with me having to do a bit of grieving over some ideals I was clinging to that were not serving me.
In the last months, I realized as a result that I am not meant to find my way within institutional structures. I navigate them often, but my real purpose is create opportunities for myself to have the freedom to work with who I want, how I want. As soon as I realized this and let it truly resonate, things began to move and change so quickly.
Two weeks ago, I got a massive grant from the city of Zuerich to fund the beginning of a new project. A creative collective I founded with another incredibly original creative free soul that I met online during the lockdown. Our collective, aptly titled ‘Brave New World,’ is an artistic research-process oriented group that aims to develop new creative content for the digital world. It is groundbreaking that we got this grant, as the city of Zuerich’s arts funding program has never funded a project that does not follow the normal rules of analog performance spaces. It is also groundbreaking because we are two queer people of color.
I was just reflecting on the process that got me to this moment, and wanted to publicly acknowledge that the work I did with Michelle and Denise was PIVOTAL. They helped me to realize who I am and stand in that unapologetically, to let go of the desire to fit in and to recognize that creative innovators need to be ready to brave it on their own to make the steps into the unknown that also forge innovation.
As a result I am standing with a pot of money to create the project of my dreams with complete autonomy over my work.
Just wanted to put this message into the group because maybe there is someone who is currently where I was and is reading this message. I wanted to encourage you to not be afraid to take the step, or to let go of the thing you need to let go of. And lastly, I wanted to say that don’t be afraid to get the help, especially from this amazing network, if you are feeling unable to do it by yourself.
Taking that step made all the difference for me.

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