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Brandy Butler

“Almost one year ago exactly, I had a full on coaching session with Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson. Two weeks ago, I got a massive grant from the city of Zuerich to fund the beginning of a new project. The work I did with Michelle and Denise was PIVOTAL. They helped me to realize who I am and stand in that unapologetically, to let go of the desire to fit in and to recognize that creative innovators need to be ready to brave it on their own to make the steps into the unknown that also forge innovation. As a result I am standing with a pot of money to create the project of my dreams with complete autonomy over my work.”

Artist, teacher, performing artist, musician, and creator
Ann Aerts

"Our team offsite helped not only to bring clarity and new ideas around some key questions, but also helped us better recognize each other’s strengths. It was truly a bonding and alignment moment for the team, which Michelle and Denise dynamically supported with their broad expertise. We all learned so much from the lively examples and real world experiences they brought to the table, delivering us all a high number of ‘aha!’ moments. A real treat and warm recommendation for every leader who wants to bring the team to the next level! Thank you Michelle and Denise, from the Novartis Foundation."

M.D. Head of the Novartis Foundation
Prof. Dr. Monica Dunford

“Having organized coaching retreats for over 10 years at the University of Heidelberg, Salt is with distance simply the best. They have a broad range of experience from executives to academics and therefore can seamlessly tailor the retreat to the participants needs. Having hired Salt for several years in a row for multiple retreats, I am deeply impressed at how new, innovative, and individualised each retreat is.”

Professor, Heidelberg University
Emilie Pralong

". I am convinced that small business owners must engage with key people with an external point of view to get their purpose on stage. Taken together, Michelle and Denise are hundreds of those assets. Their expertise, business and soft skills helped me and my team to create rapid neuropathways to help us reconnect to our purpose to amplify the lesser heard voices in science whatever the situation. Since working with SALT, we onboarded 4 new clients. Addressing them with more clarity on matching values and how we can be an asset to their team is bringing us more pleasure in the sales process. As a snowball effect, this new energy pays off."

Founder, Radar RP Sàrl
Solenn Carnaille

"As solopreneur, it’s not always easy to make your way in the entrepreneurial world. Denise and Michelle helped me gaining confidence in my company, my products and my work. They gave me keys to unlock some blocking points such as clearly define my values and the message I want to communicate to my clients. Denise and Michelle make you feel valuable and that you are to be seen. You can tell that they really believe in you and their enthusiasm is totally catching!"

Founder of Petit détail
Kay Haratine

"A package of individual coaching from Salt Consulting allowed me to define and measure the results I wanted to achieve.  Through a wealth of tools and methods; homework and habit building; and perhaps most helpfully, a toolbox of activities for me to call upon, I found clarity. The one that I’ve returned to most often, and perhaps the most simple, is Visualization.  It got me through an emergency surgery 2 months into the job, and it’s carried me through pre-dawn distractions of how the day might go.  Sometimes, you just need someone on the other end to give a tug. Thanks, Michelle and Denise – I’ve got this!"

Project Manager, HR Transformation at Takeda
Mumta Ito

"Michelle and Denise really go the extra mile - not only did they coach our team with passion to serve the cause of Nature’s Rights - but they also participated fully in our team activities and contributed well beyond the call of duty. I personally have experienced a radical shift in how I perceive the business of our non-profit organization and have much more clarity about how to serve my personal needs whilst serving the mission."

Founder, Nature's Right
Natasha Freidus

"Facilitating a chaos experience workshop at G3iD with Denise was not only fun – it led to a harvest of brilliant ideas from a packed room of 40 people! Denise's active, bilingual facilitation, her ability to activate all types of people, and her natural teaching skills all directly contributed to this dynamic experience. She doesn’t tell, she gets people thinking and talking - while somehow keeping multiple conversations on-topic and on-track."

Founder, NeedsList
Julien Kauer

"Michelle & Denise, the panel about Intellectual Property at The 2017 GoodFestival Lausanne that you organized was just amazing! I think the whole audience learned much from the experts you invited, but I personally learned extremely much from both of you on how to deal with the intellectual property factor in our relations with others."

Co-Founder, EMAUA

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