Michelle Guiliano

Michelle Guiliano

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Michelle Guiliano is an Innovator, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Development and Strategy Consultant, Coach, and Sports Enthusiast. She prefers to lead teams from within and is a catalyst in the creation of high-performance culture wherever she works. Energy, enthusiasm, and creativity fuel her rapid assessment of opportunities, resources, and solutions to bring teams and companies into practical, actionable, alignment with their vision. Skills from endurance sports inform her coaching practice. She collaborates with executive clients on guidelines, attitudes and habits that make measurable difference in streamlining the path to excellence.


“High performance teams dream big, get coaching, create a culture of feedback, and achieve results.”

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Rowing through crisis with your team | TEDxLugano

Michelle Guiliano is an expert at recruiting and strengthening teams. She will give you strategies and tools to build a tailor-made team for a specific purpose, trauma or crisis in your life. Principles that apply to sports and team-building in that arena can certainly be valid tools to develop a similar approach to crisis and challenges in real life issues. Strategic teaming – its methods and critical success factors – will be shared as well as tailor-made tactics to recruit and activate an effective team.

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Testimonial for Michelle

“Michelle Guiliano is the female equivalent to Tony Robbins – only better!”

 Michelle is an excellent, powerful, coach and mentor who is guaranteed to bring value to whatever issue you may bring her. There are many great aspects that set her apart from other coaches, what makes her such a powerful coach is perhaps the combination of them all. Some of these aspects are; her intent focus and presence, profound perception, and business skills. She not only will make you feel understood, she will also help you broaden your perspective, deepen your compassion as well as guide you towards the most strategically effective and powerful solution that fits you, your situation, and the overall long-term outcome.

 Having tried various coaches, I felt as there was something missing. I was looking for a female Tony Robbins, and found her in Michelle Guiliano.


Finance Executive, Switzerland

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