What is coaching?

What is coaching?

Coaching refers to the many processes used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. These processes come from many fields: the science of coaching, team science, psychology, education, sports, leadership, mindfulness, communications, mental training, and more! A coach is a dynamic partner, a guide to support you on your path who works together with you. Coaches can walk beside you, give you a push, or run a few steps ahead to trailblaze and expose new possibilities.

Coaches help to connect you with your unique motivation style so you can take action steps towards your chosen goals and desired outcomes.
Coaching relationships can be short or long-term, with occasional or frequent meetings, at an intensive pace or with ample space for reflection, for groups, teams, or individuals.

Working with a coach always leads to change. Coaches are strategic partners, sounding boards, cheerleaders, and guides by your side, ready to initiate or accelerate you along your own path for intentional personal and professional development and conscious leadership. Salt coaches are your catalysts, your team, your change agents, while you further your skills in self-coaching to achieve and feel amazing.

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