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Salt Consulting & Communications is a Geneva-area global consulting, communications, and coaching services provider co-founded by Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano. We work with talented professionals who do good in the world and who create or further access to opportunities for others. Our clients’ successes create waves of positive impact.

Our clients are looking for edge, resources, new strategies, and tools to further skills that help with both achievement and fulfillment in their work and lives. If you’ve landed here, chances are that you have been referred by a talented professional or experienced our team delivering a workshop. Perhaps you feel curious, motivated, or inspired to take a new action in your life.

Our clients are just like you! They’re curious, kind, and looking for ways to grow and develop – to think new thoughts, to find creative solutions, to improve their habits, and to show up with enthusiasm for themselves and those they love.

Are you seeking emotional mastery, strong mental health, a life that includes deep rest, and more joy?  You will be better poised, positioned, and prepared to show up for your goals and your legacy with strategies you can learn and practice through the coaching process.

We create custom programs for groups, teams, and organizations to facilitate important conversations, support your objectives, and strengthen relationships. We promote inclusion and curiosity across all of our coaching, training, facilitation, and talks.


With you every step of the journey

Working with senior leaders, boards, Olympic and professional athletes and coaches, artists, musicians, writers, academic institutions, technology professionals, international and multinational organizations, NGOs, and Foundations, Salt coaches have decades of experience in leadership and executive coaching.

With areas of expertise including education, communications, teaming, diversity, equity & inclusion, emotional intelligence, and conscious leadership, you can understand why we work in so many different industries. The common thread? Passionate and talented people!

We lead online communities for international women with over 12 thousand members from over 80 countries.

We believe in you and in your work. We know that when you have us on your team, you have positive voices and positive energy to back your mission. We’ll keep you accountable to making your vision a reality, one step at a time.

Whether shifting one degree or experiencing deep transformation, Salt Coaches are with you every step of the journey.


Our story

Salt’s co-founders grew up in the USA. Michelle lived in Zurich and Denise in Paris before moving with their families to the Geneva area. They had each attended workshops given by the other before deciding to work together in 2015. Their first three group coaching sessions were diverse: a startup that needed funding (and soon after obtained it), a global service NGO HQ team with over 1 million global constituents, and a medium-sized medical training company. They knew they had shared values, a shared vision for a better world, and different coaching styles. Both had previous experience evaluating many diverse, bright people under pressure – Michelle in executive search and Denise in university admissions. Michelle had been a high-level athlete and sports coach, and Denise had education expertise and also had experience in the art world. Their diverse perspectives help them to understand clients’ needs, challenges, hopes, and dreams.

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High impact programs for high impact leaders

We offer coaching services, psychometric testing, talks, workshops, facilitation, and consulting services. Our coaching offers include individual, team, group and self-coaching programs. Our areas of expertise include communications, teaming, diversity & inclusion, emotional intelligence and conscious leadership.




Executive Coaching


Emotional Intelligence

small teams








small teams


And much, much more!

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Inspire yourself and your teams

We understand that all teams are made up of individuals and, for them to be successful, they need to be able to resolve conflict, define key responsibilities and achieve common goals. Through our engaging talks on a variety of topics, your team can consistently high-perform.


Humanizing digital spaces


Meaningful networking & career management


Managing expectations & high-performance communications


Unconscious bias & privilege


Teaming through crisis, challenge, & change


Lessons in persuasive language & motivation


Resilience, endurance & agility at work


Recruitment & talent management

And much, much more!

success stories

Trusted by the following companies

"Our team offsite helped not only to bring clarity and new ideas around some key questions, but also helped us better recognize each other’s strengths. It was truly a bonding and alignment moment for the team, which Michelle and Denise dynamically supported with their broad expertise. We all learned so much from the lively examples and real world experiences they brought to the table, delivering us all a high number of ‘aha!’ moments. A real treat and warm recommendation for every leader who wants to bring the team to the next level! Thank you Michelle and Denise, from the Novartis Foundation."
Ann Aerts - M.D. Head of the Novartis Foundation
“Having organized coaching retreats for over 10 years at the University of Heidelberg, Salt is with distance simply the best. They have a broad range of experience from executives to academics and therefore can seamlessly tailor the retreat to the participants needs. Having hired Salt for several years in a row for multiple retreats, I am deeply impressed at how new, innovative, and individualised each retreat is.”
Prof. Doc. Monica Dunford - Professor, Heidelberg University
“Almost one year ago exactly, I had a full on coaching session with Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson. Two weeks ago, I got a massive grant from the city of Zuerich to fund the beginning of a new project. The work I did with Michelle and Denise was PIVOTAL. They helped me to realize who I am and stand in that unapologetically, to let go of the desire to fit in and to recognize that creative innovators need to be ready to brave it on their own to make the steps into the unknown that also forge innovation. As a result I am standing with a pot of money to create the project of my dreams with complete autonomy over my work.”
Brandy Butler - Artist, teacher, performing artist, musician, and creator
"I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Denise and Michelle in Geneva during the G3iD. They were bringing on stage what is frequently missing on the corporate environment: authentic self-expression and love. And once you can rely on these elements, the outcome of the conversation can be amazing!"
Michele Soavi - Researcher Phd Candidate

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