Recurring events

Her Coffee: National & International Women's Coffee Meetup

Make coffee for a woman. Take a woman out for coffee. Bring a woman a coffee. This is HER COFFEE. During this coffee break, make sure to take just ten minutes for active listening, with the goal in mind to learn about one woman – her experience, her qualifications, her story, her journey, her ambitions, her dreams and wishes, and her plans for 2020. Men are welcome to participate. Men are invited to practice active listening for just 10 minutes, to listen to and get to know one woman.


Past events

SportWorks TALKS

“Career Management: Meaningful networking in digital spaces.” In this SportWorks TALK, Michelle Guiliano, Co-Founder of Salt Consulting, former NCAA athlete, former Ivy League rowing coach, and high-performance executive coach shared ways of effective networking in digital spaces.  Whether an expert or a novice, learning these strategies help sports professionals to convert from hesitant into purposeful, focused network curators.

Feedback Deep Dive

The Deep Dive event about Feedback took place on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, at 7PM. Together we shared 90 minutes, facilitated by Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano to go deeper on the skills required for actionable feedback that can be used as a force for good. People were given the chance to learn more about giving, receiving, asking for, and following up on feedback.

OWIT Lake Geneva Afterwork: International Women's Day

To mark the International Woman’s Day, OWIT Lake Geneva invites you to an afterwork event focused around the topic of gender equality in international trade. In this casual get together, we will be accompanied by three prominent speakers from the Geneva women’s community, who will join us and share their expertise on the topic.

Salt Ready to Rise Event

An overview of the extraordinary event held in January 2020 hosted by Salt Consulting & Communications and featuring Women Rock Switzerland business owners, service providers, creatives, and professionals from all over the world. Participation at all Ready to Rise events allows you to get a behind-the-scenes view of working with business communications and coaching experts.

The Inside Game Conference for Coaches 2017

The Inside Game Conference for Coaches, second edition took place in January 26th and 27th 2017 at the Olympic Museum and Maison du Sport International in Lausanne, Switzerland. Michelle particpated as a …

The Inside Game Conference for Coaches 2016

The Inside Game Conference for Coaches took place in January 28th 2016 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

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