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We have always understood that talented, dedicated professionals, have limited time. We know how important it is to achieve results in a manner that makes efficient use of your time. For this reason, we offer flexible solutions that allow you to customize to your preferred working style and support to help you advance step by step and with confidence.

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"Our team offsite helped not only to bring clarity and new ideas around some key questions, but also helped us better recognize each other’s strengths. It was truly a bonding and alignment moment for the team, which Michelle and Denise dynamically supported with their broad expertise. We all learned so much from the lively examples and real world experiences they brought to the table, delivering us all a high number of ‘aha!’ moments. A real treat and warm recommendation for every leader who wants to bring the team to the next level! Thank you Michelle and Denise, from the Novartis Foundation."
Ann Aerts - M.D. Head of the Novartis Foundation
“Almost one year ago exactly, I had a full on coaching session with Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson. Two weeks ago, I got a massive grant from the city of Zuerich to fund the beginning of a new project. The work I did with Michelle and Denise was PIVOTAL. They helped me to realize who I am and stand in that unapologetically, to let go of the desire to fit in and to recognize that creative innovators need to be ready to brave it on their own to make the steps into the unknown that also forge innovation. As a result I am standing with a pot of money to create the project of my dreams with complete autonomy over my work.”
Brandy Butler - Artist, teacher, performing artist, musician, and creator
"I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Denise and Michelle in Geneva during the G3iD. They were bringing on stage what is frequently missing on the corporate environment: authentic self-expression and love. And once you can rely on these elements, the outcome of the conversation can be amazing!"
Michele Soavi - Researcher Phd Candidate
“Having organized coaching retreats for over 10 years at the University of Heidelberg, Salt is with distance simply the best. They have a broad range of experience from executives to academics and therefore can seamlessly tailor the retreat to the participants needs. Having hired Salt for several years in a row for multiple retreats, I am deeply impressed at how new, innovative, and individualised each retreat is.”
Prof. Doc. Monica Dunford - Professor, Heidelberg University


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